Film Review: Mad Max Fury Road

Figure 1. Mad Max poster (2015)

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) is the fours film in the Mad max franchise. Set in a dystopian/ post apocalyptic future desert wasteland, and having items such as fuel and water were luxuries. The film follows a drift, Max Rockatansky who unwillingly falls in to the hands of the enemy, but joins forces with Imperator Furiosa to fight back against the evil leader, Immortan Joe and his band of psycho followers . The film is full of action scenes that should keep audiences entertained.

When watching the film, the plot is very simple, don't really know who intentional that is, but not a lot more is added to the plot. The plot is basically revolves around getting to their desired destination, A greener land. After arriving at this desired land after being, chased, shot, attacked by Immortans followers, they find out there what was once a lush place with green grass is now a swamp. so they decide to turn around and attack the leader.  So they went from A to B back to A again, with a lot of action throughout.

Figure 2. Mad Max Film still (2015)

Even with its small plot, some of the action in this film is amazing, and if you like cars you are in for a treat, but if you don't like action throughout the film, then maybe not so much. As plot describes this film is basically a case film, with customized rat rod as far as the eye can see. With bits attached to them to make them bigger or louder. One even had speakers attached and a guy who played an electric guitar while bungee strapped in so he could fly around this 'stage'. Which i guess he would  of been their drummer boy. You can't say the designers for this film weren't creative.

While being more of a case/ action film there is not much of anything else in the film that actually happens. Max's character doesn't really talk at all and but Furiosa's character gave women a more empowering role in the film. Her character also only had one arm, and has a prosthetic arm through most of the film. She still a empowering figure to others in the film, showing she will not stop until she gets what she wants or destroys the bad guys.

Exploitation Cinema
As for exploitation cinema, this film in my opinion was just made to make the makers money. Its not a terrible film, but there are areas that it could of been improved on, and it was just a lot of action. There are been a few franchise reboots and similar films to this that came out around that time, so the makers could of thought they would make some money off rebooting mad max franchise.


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