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Adaptation Part A: Listing points for info-graphic

I have created a list of the points that I have encountered while doing festivals that would be useful to first timers at rock festivals. 
Festival Prep  Your favorite bands are playing at a festival.Research that festival: what is the festival, what other bands are playing, costs, travel etc..Find some friends to go with.or if your feeling really brave, go on your own!Purchase your ticket.Also look into extras, such as : lockers, toilet upgrades, camping upgrades.Plan travel. Buy bus/ coach tickets (if not driving ) as they can work out cheaper.Start packing! Pack the essentials that you will need! Such as:Alcohol!Condoms LOO ROLL (these are life and death)WET WIPES Clothes Spending moneyFood If you really want, you can take fancy dress too!! (Super heroes, Granny's, Suits, you name it you can wear it).When its time... Start your journey!Get there early as you will have a better chance of getting a better spot for your tentAnd don't for get your ticket!! Get in, get your wris…

Adaptation Part A: A Beginners Guide to...

So I have decided to go with a Your First Rock Festival for my A Beginners Guide to info-graphic, as I do have knowledge in this area, as I am a festival goer.
This info-graphic will tell people a few tips and things to consider when looking into going to rock festivals as it can seem a bit intimidating when going.

I would like to add some comedic areas to this info-graphic but will add this in after I have picked the points to go in.

Mud Box - Pepper


Critical Perspectives: Two-Part Premise

I was asked to create a two part premise for our critical perspective session. To get ideas for this i will be looking into ideas that I'm interested in, such as: theory's, art, genre, film, etc.. to achieve this.


FantasyAnimation Adventure Themes/ Theories  Representations Men/ woman Gender MasculinityfemininityRoles Hyper realism IdeologyMental Illness violence LGBT representationsFilms/ Games Disney Films Live action/ animationThe Hunger GamesTomb Raider - Games and FilmsStar Wars DC Films Marvel Horizon Zero Dawn (New Game)Other Things The media 
Just by listing the few points above I can see a that I'm interested in to looking at gender and representations of characters in games or films.

Adaptation Part B: Idea's

So over the last week I have been thinking of what possible ideas I could use for my adaptation project. I would like to do an environment, as I i feel like my environments in Maya for some of my projects have actually not turned out too bad.

So after me an Alan spoke last time when I was struggling to come up with any ideas, he suggested to maybe look at some issues that I am passionate about.

So I have been looking into a few environmental issues such as
- Coral Reef threats/ destruction
- Deforestation
- Climate Change
- People living/ working on rubbish dumps (article -

I have also looked in sacred places of all different cultures or time periods as I'm finding Viking/ Norse culture and history interesting, and would like to look into it more and see if i could make a possible environment out of it.

Such as:
- Pyramids of Giza / Temple of Karnak
- The Tomb Complex of Shi Hu…

Adaptation Part A: Info graphic styles

While searching the web I found a few styles of info graphics that stood out among the others.

I picked these designs as I either like the style or colour palette used. I found style A, had a really nice minimalist style to it, the note book and photos and a few other objects have the two colours divided in the center. It Just gives it a nice look.
The colour palette of Style D might be something I would like to incorporate possibly in my work

I've also included some different styles of info graphic videos. They are slightly more detailed than what I could be looking at for my project. But they all show a different effects which could influence my project.

Critical Perspectives

MineCraft Defense by Pip on Scribd

We were asked by Phil to get into small groups and either argue for or against a topic, we were given to defend Mincecraft.

CG Artists Toolkit and Film Review Submission

2D Facial Rigging - Poma

Putting the tiff files I made into the hypershade

Stylisation: Isometric Cameras


Lip Syncing


Adaptation Part A - Pitching ideas

So for our next project we have been asked to create an animated info graphic, in which we had to pick a starting sentence for.  My sentence was...
A Beginner's Guide To ________
Some of the ideas that I have come up with are...
- A beginner's guide to being a student  - A beginner's guide to becoming a lady  - A beginner's guide to pulling an all nighter - A beginner's guide to travelling  - A beginner's guide to your first festival  - A beginner's guide to your first heavy metal gig  - A beginner's guide to being a third wheel - A beginner's guide to getting over your favourite TV show  - A beginner's guide to vegan  - A beginner's guide to your first date  - A beginner's guide to becoming a hippy  - A beginner's guide to vaping  - A beginner's guide to working in retail 

Film Review: Documentary - Blackfish (2013)

Documentaries have been around around much longer than mockumentaries. most of the documentaries in the beginning were movement founded and were created in an attempt to persuade peoples thoughts and feelings towards situations.
Narration is a key feature in documentaries, especially in nature documentaries, as this lets people understand facts and whats happening in the scene. A mockumentaries are likely to characteristics from an already established documentary model. The whole idea of a mockumentary is to basically mock or satire those defining characteristics of a documentary. 
This is an example of a Documentary

Killer whales are amazing beautiful creatures of roaming the ocean and swim for hundreds of miles a day. Even though their beauty makes them look genital and cute, they are smart killers, but have never been recorded of harming humans in the wild.
Blackfish (2013) is an American controversial documentary directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite about the captivity of killer whal…

Pipeline 1 Head model

Start of the Head

End of video 2

Film Review: Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) is the fours film in the Mad max franchise. Set in a dystopian/ post apocalyptic future desert wasteland, and having items such as fuel and water were luxuries. The film follows a drift, Max Rockatansky who unwillingly falls in to the hands of the enemy, but joins forces with Imperator Furiosa to fight back against the evil leader, Immortan Joe and his band of psycho followers . The film is full of action scenes that should keep audiences entertained.

When watching the film, the plot is very simple, don't really know who intentional that is, but not a lot more is added to the plot. The plot is basically revolves around getting to their desired destination, A greener land. After arriving at this desired land after being, chased, shot, attacked by Immortans followers, they find out there what was once a lush place with green grass is now a swamp. so they decide to turn around and attack the leader.  So they went from A to B back to A again, with a lot of ac…

Character Design Crit