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Maya: Desk project: Depth of Field

Playing with depth of field and added a vignette filter

Maya: Arnold SSS

So was playing around with Maya 17 today. Testing some of the new features, such as Arnold. 

Model from Eat 3D

Year 3!

Year 3 has started, and I have an idea in progress!

It's still in a development as its still kind of up in the air. But Phil are I are and will be talking/ emailing to figure out the concept and so forth. 
But here are some insperation that Phil showed me 

Resit: Maya toolkit submission

Texturing Part 6: Head Texturing

So everything was going fine... until I had to export the head model into mud box. It was there that I realised that I have got a few extra vertexs along the back of the head. I can't just delete them as I have my weights attached to them. 

Mud box wouldn't let me continue until i got them fixed :/

Texturing Part 5: Head Base Colours / Sub Surface Scattering


Texturing Part 4: Body Base Colours


Texturing Part 3: Rivets


Texturing Part 2: Baking Normal Maps


Mental Ray Part 8: Displacement Maps

So everything was going fine, until I needed to load in my displacement map, and then i recived this error.

I went over the video and followed step by step, and started again several times and I still came out with this error message.

Not sure where I went wrong

Mental Ray Part 7: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Lighting

Not sure why i have the black square at the bottom..

Mental Ray Part 3: Linear Work Flow

Been looking at this tutorial and I just cant work out how to change the colour management settings. I did have a goggle and found some thing in which could of maybe helped me sort this issue, but I couldn't find the Framebuffer option under render.

I did watch the rest of the video, and ill re watch when the new version get uploaded

Link Here

Mental Ray Part 11: Mental Ray Proxies


Mental Ray Part 2: Final Gather