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Maya Max

Just been playing around with Max here and creating some cool poses. Slowly remembering how to use Maya again after the summer off, and after several attempts I successfully installed mental ray and the extension 2. Also played with the lighting to create some mood as well.

Updated Character - Sound clip


Group Blog Header

So as one of my jobs of the group is graphic designer, I've just made some changes to the header on the group blog.

Conflict and End Sentence

For the group Project we have to create an animation based on two things, a conflict and an end sentence.  We had to pick both of these two things from envelopes, and this is what we got.

Group Project - D4C Studios

So would just like everyone to know that as part of our Narrative unit, we have to create an animation as a group. And one of the first things we had to create was a group studio blog.
Here is my groups blog feel free to follow .

Year 2!!

So it is official, I am now a second year student, which means I'm only one year away from third year...

I'm hoping for a much better year than previously, I feel like I've grown and am now more open mined then what I have been. And can't wait to be creating amazing work.

Onward and upwards