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Fantastic Voyage Art Of

Fantastic Voyage Animation


Voice over


Final Script

Chracter Rigged!

So finally finished the rig. the sholders went a little wider then they should of, but this wont hopfully be very noticable during the anaimation

It's got some legs now!

So my character now has some legs.. they have taken me ages but finally got some moving legs

@Simon need some help

I'm not sure what i have done but i can seem to select my model in maya..

Help is needed please

Modeling Character part 2

So I've spent some more time modeling my charater, and he looks so much better now.

Character Turn Arounds


Modeling character

So I decided to do a quick model to see how it would look in maya.

Not bad for my first model of a human, but it really needs inproving

Charater Cooncept art


MoreConcept Art

So another bit of concept art. I really like this one. and i will work on more of these as i would want to possably use them or a final version of them in my animation

Maya: 3D Buildings


Concept Art


New idea concept art

So after having to re think my idea, I have finally created some new concept art.
 So had a little bit of a play with my first one as I was trying out brushs and seeing what looked good and what didn't.

I really like this one and how I have mangaed to create depth.

For my idea it will look rather 2D than 3D. I will still be making it in maya, but rather than a full 3D set, I will have 3D eliments and matte painting. I will be doing this as I feel that I can create more depth.

I did do a little test scene in maya just to see how it would come out. To add depth like I have in the pictures I would have to do a seperate render. But I just perfer the matte painting look more.