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Life Drawing


Life Drawing


Life drawing


Character Design: Composition


Character Design: Environments


Character Design


Animation Showreel Part 1


Pitch Responce

So I presented my pitch on Monday to my tutors, and it went okay...

I've just now got to rethink my ideas, as it did come across confusing. And there wasn't enough science. And i can see that now, so I got to go back to the drawing board with my ideas and really think what I want to show in my animation.

Simon also mentioned that I lost my my nightmare style, which I did. So i want to try and bring that back if I can, as I think that was one of the main things I was looking to try and create.

Another area I need to work on is the script, the one I created was just a draft, my writing skills are not one of my strongest points.  But I need to make sure I include more science in my new script

Will be speaking with Phil on Thursday about how I can go about with my idea. As HIV is a tricky topic, as I don't want to offend anybody, but then i don't want to say oh it's okay if you get this.

So to be continued ...

Fantastic Voyage Pitch


More Concept art


Draft Script

So this is a draft of my script, it needs working on, but not to bad for a start

HIV Script

More Concept Art @Phil


Concept art and more influence maps

So after looking at the images phil suggested, I went on to create some thumbnails. (YES HANNAH, YOUR CREATING WORK, FINALLY)

I also spoke to Jordan as well and he gave me some really interesting artists to look at and be inspired by. So I've got some images by Eyvind Earle and Banner Saga images, which have interesting landscapes.

So I will continue my thumbnails,  and start to mash up some environment scenes

Improved Concept @Phil

So After talking with Phil I have narrowed down my concept and hopefully improved it.

So I'm still sticking with the forest idea, but has developed slightly. I am also considering having a narrator, to voice whats actually going on in my animation. As I feel it would be quite difficult to understand what actually is going on.

The forest starts off a this healthy landscape, which is lush and full of color. And at the center of this landscape is a huge apple tree which represents the cells of the body.  But it the forest starts to get damaged with the use of drugs.
After using a dirty needle, contaminated with HIV. An apple on the tree then becomes infected with the virus and then starts to spread to the rest of the tree. Like how the cells would inside the body.
As the tree starts to lose life so does the rest of the surroundings, and turns into this nightmare state forest.

It then does to a scene of a clinic, this scene is in a totally different style as the forest with is pale co…

New Influence Maps

So I though really hard about whats actually going on in my animation and I have come down to this idea. 
So the body is this temple, an untouched forest, until it then becomes transmitted with HIV. This untouched landscape then transforms into a nightmare. The trees which represent the cells turn from lush green to HIV infected cells, which are gross.
I do want it to have like a fear factor to it as even though you can still live a happy life with HIV, its also what it could do to you, and lead to death.

So I have a collection of images which i choose to refer back to. I still need to think about the style of my animation, like if i want it low polly, detailed, or painted. I would love to do a low polly animation but at the same time i want it to be detailed and painted .

Soon to come, new and improved concept art also style map.

Concept Ideas

So i have been really thinking about some things and I feel like the best way to help me forward is to make a decision on what my actual concept will be for this animation.

Originally I was thinking about looking about how HIV can effect someone mentally, when they first contract it.  But after thinking about it, I feel like it wouldn't show the science behind it.

Then started thinking about how the body could be portrayed as an environment with it being all lush and green, then along comes the HIV virus. which eats away at the environment around. I feel that this one will make more sence and would go with the brief more.

More Research

So been going round on YouTube to see what kind of adverts and videos are all ready out there.

Here is just a quick information video I found, which explains HIV quite simply, so this would be more effective to young people to watch. 

I also found an advert from the 80's, which obviously dated, but gave off this sinister feel to it

Fantastic Voyage OGR

Soundscape Submission