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After Effects


HIV animation mind map

So I'm trying to think of how I can go about my animation, so what it will be about, how it will look/ feel and so on. So far I know I want my animation to be quite dark and sinister, as HIV is something that's not taken lightly. I also have decided that I will aim my animation at young adults and adults, as its more suitable for this age range, rather than younger children, as it could include adults themes such as sex or drugs.

So I've created a mind map with some ideas and influences on to see where i could go to next.

New Project: Fantastic Voyage

So on Tuesday, we were given the our new brief for our Fantastic Voyage project. In which we have to create a complete 3D animation. We were given some areas to choose from, so the Zika virus, HIV, the immune system, and an antibiotics one.

I have chosen to do my animation on the HIV virus. I Chose this as I feel like I can look at this from many different angles.

Here are a few note pages when researching. Still got to do some more research, but that will come.

Maya: Shading Networks: Sampler Info Node (Reflectivity)


Art Of A Fisherman's Story




Concept Art Whale

So here's a few different looks for the whale, just to get an idea of what looks best.

Concept Art Fisher

So done some concept art for Fisher, who is Killian's father. I'm liking the 5th one out of all of them

Concept Art Killian & Pier

So working on some concept art for Killian, the young fisher man/ son. These are just basic shapes at the moment but will pick one and refine into my final character .

Also started working on some concept art for the pier, this is also not finished, but this is looks much better than my previous one of the boat, which I won't use a final concept art piece.

Concept art

So this is a bit of concept art for my boat. Its not finished yet, will continue and refine it more after i have got some feedback.

I just feel like its missing something... or a lot of things


OGR Part 2 @phil

Adobe Audition: Track 1

So this is my first almost finished track for my sound scape. I based it on this image and can really feel the image moving when I put them together.  Still might need some work on, but so far, not bad.