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Invisible Cities Thumbnails Part 2 - Sketches

Here are my First few sketches for my invisible cites project. I am plaining to do 50 digital drawings and 50 traditional drawings. As I've managed to start both of them from 1... 

Block Modeling Space gun

Here is the next block modeling tutorial finished piece. And I am glad to say that I have become faster while using the program, and starting to remember bits from the last tutorial to help me with this one. YAY! 
While creating the gun I added some extra features to make it more snazzy.

Digital Painting

Here are the bits I created form today's Photoshop tutorial. Started with painting some master studies (mine are on the right). For a first try at doing this, I don't think I did to badly. I just have to get used to creating quick block color images before trying to ad details. I felt I was able to create more painterly images than last time, and I really hope that I improve on these skills. 
Next part was to create a word stack of words from a few lines of one of the cites, and think of other words that associate with that. Felt like I could of done better with this, but had a serious case of writers block going on.  These two exercises were to get me used to different brushes and  the lasso tool in Photoshop, I had to draw in such a way that described some of the words I came up with. Really like the outcome to these as they have a very expressive feel to them.

After finishing the abstract exercises I went on to mixing the two together. By merging the two ideas together I w…

Invisible Cities: Digital Thumbnails

So here are my first few digital thumbnails that I have created for the cites Anastasia (1-8), Argia (9-12) and Armilla (13-16). I really like how Argia's images came out, I was mainly influenced by underground tunnels and caves.

Influence Map

I have created a quick influence map to get my mind working on how I can go about creating these invisible cites. I have Included pictures artists work, concept art from films and games and real life imagery.

Film Review: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligary (1920)

Roberts Wiene's 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari' (1920) is a German silent horror film, and said to be classic work of German Expressionist cinema. Fusing carnival spectacle with the paranoia of the psychological thriller (Robinson 2013). The theme concerns a mysterious Dr Caligari who exploits a troubled young man and uses him as an instrument of murder. This film is said to be the landmark of cinematic artistry, with the use of twisted imagery. Till this day its use of imagery still inspires artist and directors alike.

When looking at the design of the film, it has a very strange and unusual look. "The actors inhabit a jagged landscape of sharp angles and tilted walls and windows" (Ebert, 2009). As added by Ebert, the town of Holstenwall has this playful imaginary style, is made up of zig zagging streets and buildings that lean over one another. Jonathon Crow describes scenes as Deep shadows painted onto the walls, and sets filled with twisted architectural impos…

Who's Who: Paul Canavan

Here is some research on concept artist Paul Canavan. I found his work really textured and had a really nice painterly feel to it. 

Modeling EggCups.. Part 2

So I finally finished creating the egg cups! And feel quite proud of my self for being able to something with a program I've never used before.

So here are my four egg cups
 I did go a little wrong, but I managed to fix it as you can see.

Bring on the next maya tutorial!

Maya.. Modeling EggCup

Today I had my first experience of Autodesk Maya, and was asked to create an egg cup. My first attempt didn't go to well as I rushed it and got a bit confused.

So my first try... Not really sure what happened here, but i couldn't let it stop me.  
So I went home watched the tutorial and spent AGES trying to figure out how to get it right. But I managed it! Nurbs egg cup complete! Now I have to complete the 3 other egg cups..

Digital painting

Today I was able to have a go with my wacom tablet and create some digital paintings in Photoshop.
I have never painted like this before so it was a new experience for me. I know that my first attempt wouldn't be a master piece but it will be something I will have to work on over the course. Practice makes perfect as they say!

I first did a quick test page to try out my tablet as it was pressure sensitive. So depending how heavy or light I drew it would leave a different effect. Just as if I was using an actual brush and paint.

Started off in black and white and I found this difficult as I wasn't able to find the right shades of color and would get frustrated. But after some guidance I was able to create the picture above, which isn't finished but was an major improvement from the start.
Next up was the color exercise and I actually found this one much easier than the gray scale exercise. I was also finding it much easier to create this painting as I was understanding how …

Drawings 69-79

Drawings 69-71 are whats left of my machines. Drawings 72 onwards are concentrating on life forms.

Machine final form

Once again I have done the final form before completing my 101 sketches. But know I can concentrate on creating my last final form, which is life form. Below are the turnarounds of the machine form which is thumbnail 49. I chose this one as I feel that this machine could be a bad guy or a good guy, and he would also fit in nicely with the wasteland structure.

Structure final form

I know I have still got to finish my 101 sketches, I thought I would start on the final forms. Well when I said start I actually managed to finish some. So bellow are my structure final forms.  I chose design 38, as it looked the most interesting in my mind. And I felt I could really play around with the design and colors to get a different effect.
When looking at the front view of my drawing, it reminded me of something that you would find in a wasteland in years to come. With that I used colors to give the effect of rested metal, and dirty glass.
When doing the side view I thought about what would the structure be for. And because it has a tunnel going through the middle that it could become a bridge over a canyon..

Instead of doing another side or back view, which would of been the same or similar  I did the top of the structure.

Drawings 60-68

Few more Sketches of machines

Drawings 51-59


Drawings 42-50

So here are the start of my machine set of drawings. Just under half way there and hoping I will get all of my pictures done in time as I have been very busy with work.
I'm really liking number 49 as I feel I could really develop the design even more than what I have drawn.  

Drawings 38-41

Here is my last structure drawings.